Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Meeting my best friend

It has now been officially two weeks since I have returned home.  And it is just now that I feel like I am finally back, and able to write this post.  On the 8th February, I travelled the very first time, in the aeroplane by myself.  It wasn't one of those travels, where you are completely alone and hoping for the best,  I am not there yet.

One of the most precious things about this travel was that I got to meet my best friend. Yes, that's right. After two years of long conversations, Tumblr posts, Instagram memes, crying and laughter... I met one of my closest friend in real life.  Meeting Estelle was like a dream come true and the best part of everything was that everything wasn't exactly as I imagined, but it was better.

There is a saying everyone knows, but nobody knows where it comes from. It talks about how different it is what we want compared to what we need.  And yet meeting Lieverd was just what I wanted and needed all at once! Estelle is one of the most understanding people I have ever met, she isn't the type to pretend she understands, she actually really does get it. She gets when I am not always replying, she gets when I just need to send massive audios, she gets when I need some time off, she gets when I am super hyper and mostly she gets who I am. As a person, as a whole. And as time passes and I change, as I evolve and grow, she gets how to love that new me, no matter what.

E has welcomed me into her home just like family. We ate delicious food and watched RuPaul Dragsrace almost every day... Okay, who am I kidding?? We watched it every day. We went shopping and I bought the whole Action store,( I am sure the lady at the register was concerned by the number of stickers I got.) we went to Hema and I also made her go to Starbucks for the first time! To be fair, she only had water-leaf drinks, but I loved it anyway.

We travelled to Efteling, the Nature Museum in Tilburg and we went a little crazy shopping in Eindhoven!  (Which I will be writing more about in detail later on.) My one week travel to the Netherlands was magical, and it was special.  It was not just a travel, it was a dream come true. I have always read those stories, of people who meet online and end up meeting in real life. How it is all perfect and it works out great.

But, oh my god! I have never thought it would be this amazing, this precious to meet you, Estelle. Thank you for being such a huge part of my life, and for being one of the kindest humans I know. You deserve so much love and so much happiness. I am glad that I am a part of your journey! I know we will be seeing each other again soon.  And special thanks to baby Ferda and Tim for being awesome and welcome me with open arms too. You guys are great. Until next time friends.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Introdução: GRINGA

"Brasileira? Mas eu sempre achei que você fosse gringa."  

É uma coisa que eu leio bastante nas redes sociais, e escuto também no dia a dia, quando encontro brasileiro por aí. O engraçado é que os gringos de verdade, sabem dizer antes mesmo de conversar comigo que eu não sou daqui. Uma das primeiras perguntas que recebo quando conheço alguém é: Where are you from? (Da onde você é?). A razão dessa parte do blog se chamar “Gringa” não é porque eu me acho daqui. É porque eu não me sinto de lugar nenhum, e de todos os lugares ao mesmo tempo. Sou Brasileira? Sou sim. Mas a cultura é muito estranha pra mim. Sou Inglesa então? Irlandesa? Também não. E também sim! Quando você mora fora do seu país, e faz outros países o seu lar, você acaba não tendo lar nenhum, se pertencendo aos dois lugares. Sempre vai faltar algo. Um pedaço seu sempre vai ficar em um lugar, e o outro sempre vai faltar. Principalmente quando você sai do seu país ainda criança como eu. Meu irmão uma vez disse uma coisa que nunca esqueci: Nascido no Brasil, criado em Londres. É assim que eu me sinto.

Esse mundo de viver em dois lugares não é fácil. Deixa eu reforçar de novo: Não é fácil. Acabe logo com a ilusão de que tudo é um conto de fadas.  Morar fora do Brasil não te faz uma pessoa mais legal, não te faz uma pessoa mais gentil, não te faz uma pessoa mais inteligente, não te faz milagres. Morar fora do Brasil é isso: Morar fora de casa. Apenas. Entendeu?  Vamos acabar com a ideia ingénua que tudo vai magicamente se resolver porque seu endereço agora é mais distante de casa. As coisas não funcionam assim.

Mas calma aí! Não to tentando acabar com seus sonhos. Seu sonho é morar fora do Brasil mesmo? Então eu estou torcendo que você consiga. Qualquer pessoa que me conhece um pouquinho, sabe o quanto eu sou sonhadora, e o quanto eu acho importante irmos atrás dos nossos sonhos! Não quero destruir sonhos de ninguém, pelo contrário. Talvez com mais informações, você consiga transformar seus sonhos em metas, e suas metas em realidades. Estou torcendo por você.

Então o que é esse espaço Gringa afinal? 

Aqui é a onde eu falo sobre minhas experiências de morar fora do Brasil. Eu sempre quis escrever sobre isso (também). Meu blog fala de tudo que me interessa. Eu pensei em criar um blog separado só pra falar deste assunto, mas eu queria tudo em um lugar só.  Então decidi criar a parte Gringa do blog, em português. Esse espaço foi feito para eu compartilhar minhas experiências, frustrações, alegrias, dificuldades, benefícios e tudo o que eu sei sobre ter dois lares (ou mais!). Espero que isso possa ajudar alguém.


  • Minha primeira língua é o português, mas eu não o prático tanto como deveria. Sempre esqueço algumas palavras e sou insegura em escrever o português. Por isso o resto do meu blog está em inglês também! Estou tentando melhorar, mas devo cometer alguns erros de gramática.
  • Queria lembrar que essas são as minhas experiências. Eu só vou escrever sobre o que eu sei e passei, e irei tentar providenciar links que possam ser úteis quando puder.
  • Eu não sai do Brasil, por intercambio, e sim quando era pequena com minha família. Informações sobre intercambio eu não vou saber responder quase nada, pois, nunca fiz.
  • Eu vou responder todas as perguntas feitas no meu Instagram, post por post. Tenham paciência, mas vou responder a todos.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

End of year reflection (2017)

As the end of the year approaches us, we not only reflect on what happened in the year that's nearly over, but we also reflect on what we want for the new year.  My 2017 was filled with unexpected events.  I know we can never predict what the future holds, because as we all know, it's unpredictable.  However, sometimes we tend to have a certain idea of what our days, weeks, months and roughly how our year will go.  At the beginning of each year, I like choosing a theme. A word or a few words in which I focus on working that year.  When 2017 came, I couldn't find a word straight away. From January to March I kept trying to figure out what the word for 2017 would be, and then I settled for "Balance".

I strongly believe that balance is everything.  Anything in excess is bad for you, even if it is something good; without balance, nothing works. Balance is key. So that was my word for 2017. I tried to focus this year on my balance on everything. Although, I haven't succeeded in having balance in every single area of my life, I have acquired balance in a lot of things.  Ironically, as life is, my balance was mostly achieved by my lack of time. After I started college, I became very busy. Having little time for myself made me reflect on how my time was being spent. I started to manage my time more cleverly, and therefore creating a more positive and balanced lifestyle for myself.  With college, being as stressful as it can be; I just don't have the time to stress over the little things. I couldn't imagine that being a full-time student would bring me the balance that I so hoped for.   Life is funny that way, isn't it?! My word/theme for 2017 was Balance, and I feel like this year balance came along with: Hard-work, consistency, stillness, stability, opportunity and strength! However, strength is one word that is always there. Because every year that we are here, and still fighting for better things for ourselves, we are being strong. 

So, what's my theme for 2018? My theme and words for 2018 are: BOLDNESS. FEARLESS. AUDACITY. Because life has finally been kind to me.  I am free to be myself.  And with that I want to do everything that I possibly can and a bit more. Some of those things might not even seem like a big deal to you, but it is for me.  I want to get out of my comfort zone, I want to go on adventures that I never had, meet new people, try new things, continue working on my projects and ideas, but mostly; Do all the things I want to do, but I am scared to do.  For me, 2017 was my beginning, my fresh start. 2018 will be the year when my dreams turn into memories.

And some of those dreams, already came true:

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Paris ✈ Day 2 (pt 1. Peony Tattoo ❀)

Today was more than special. It wasn't just a "let's see the Eiffel Tower" moment that nearly got me crying. It was the "I am meeting Anna Bravo today" or perhaps the "I am getting a tattoo that I have been wanting for two years today" which one is more terrifyingly pleasing? I wouldn't be able to say.

It was extremely cold today, or especially for us used to just the rainy weather. I had forgotten how London and Paris weathers are similar! In Ireland is cold, but it is just generally different kind of cold. Paris is just cold, cold. Ya know? Despite the cold, the day was beautiful. There was a sunny sky, perfect for photos, and the absence of rain motivated us to take the metro!

I was once told: "Once you know your way around London's underground, you can go anywhere in the world without trouble." and honestly I didn't believe this. (I am not sure if I even believe it now) However, if this is in fact true, my nearly seven years of London's underground suffering has been payed off! We managed to get to Anna's studio without any problems at all. We had to take two different underground lines, and walk for a bit, and we didn't get lost! I think me and Mothership deserves a golden star.

Anna was absolutely adorable! I feel sad now that I didn't ask her to take any photos with me for memory keeping. However, if I am being completely honest, not having a photo with her is also an important memory. This is because, my experience was so natural and sweet, I was so relaxed that I completely forgot to ask for a photo! Which for someone like me with anxiety and the normal nervousness of getting a new tattoo, being totally relaxed was incredibly nice.

We talked for a while about the tattoo design; what I wanted to change, what I wanted to stay the same, the size and everything else. Anna's studio is really adorable, very clean and private. She made me feel very comfortable to ask her any questions, to change anything with the design and in general she is not only an amazing artist, but also a very sweet person.

Anna pays attention to the slightest detail, she was very patient with me changing the tattoo and asking for new things to add and things to take off etc. When the tattoo itself was being done, it was all very tranquil,we talked for a bit about Paris, tattoos and my overall experience were very lovely!

I told my mother who accompanied me with the tattoo, that after getting a tattoo with Anna, I felt like it was my first "Real Tattoo" with the artwork, patience, considering thoughts and general love that went in with this design.  It was an amazing experience to be able to go to Paris, but also to be able to meet Anna and have her amazing artwork in  my  body/canvas. 

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Paris ✈ Day 1

When people say Paris is magical, believe them.

I have been to this city once before, but that was a different life of mine. A lifetime ago.  Today, when I left the surprising sunny Ireland, I knew it would be completely different. I have never considered I actually went to Paris before, because last time doesn't count.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that my birthday was a few weeks ago. Two weeks to be precise. And me, having the most wonderful person in the world for a mother, she decided we should celebrate being 21 in Paris! But, she knows that to me, it is not only my age, but it's this whole new life that I am already living. It is the new beginning for both of us, the new era that has slowly crept into our lives and isn't going anywhere. It is finally the good times. But enough about that.

Paris! The city of lights has never been so pretty. So much has happened to this city this year and yet it still shines brighter than any other place I have been.

When we got here it was raining, and the weather was cold. We took a taxi straight away, which we later on learned would have been smarter to take a bus. The taxi ride was well worth it though; Our taxi driver was so nice and friendly. He talked to us all the way until we got in our apartment, he is the person who gave us the bus tip, along with how to ride the metro properly, where we should go and bonus points: He was French and spoke Brazilian Portuguese like a badass!

Once we got into our apartment it felt like a dream. This all feels like a dream. The location is perfect, just a few minutes walking from the Eiffel Tower and The Arc de Triomphe. And the whole building itself is so pretty, elegant and cozy.

Me and Mothership decided to go buy food because we were about to die of starvation. (Ok, maybe not so dramatic)  While looking for the nearest Carrefour, we found adorable little shops along the way.  One of which I managed to speak in French for the first time in a long time, and voila! The lady actually understood me.  Apart from my excellent French skills *coff coff*, it was very dark, cold and we were quite tired today.  So we didn't take many pictures today either.  But, walking around the Rues near my apartment, I could already see some of the photos I might be taking tomorrow!

In case you aren't already sleeping, reading this; Here is a summarized list of the cool things that already happened in Paris in my little time here:

  • I asked in French (beware I don't speak French!) for a specific book in a bookshop and the lady understood me perfectly well!
  • We ate the real Macarons like Blair Waldorf
  • We can see the Eiffel Tower as soon as we leave our apartment 
  • Le Petite Prince is everywhere here!
  • The apartment that we are staying has really cool paintings all over the walls
  • I didn't feel anxious at all during the actual trip!  
  • Started my first travel journal alongside with...
This is my first actual holidays since I was a child. I really needed the break and I am so thankful for my time here.  There is this new chapter in my life that has been happening, and coming to Paris is just the beginning of it all.  Hard work, pays off. 

"Follow your dreams, they know the way."

Friday, 13 October 2017

Nobody Cares. So Do What You Love.

I wasn't the type of child that knew exactly what I wanted to do when I was older. I was that kid, the one that wanted to be an actress one week and an airplane pilot the other. In my childhood, I didn't see the love I would develop for books and my interest in neurological psychology.  Through my teen years, I was mostly lost. I thought I wanted to be a journalist, but I was never sure. How I found out what I really liked was Psychology, that deserves a whole new post, maybe someday.

Today, however, I want to talk about something somewhat cliché. Which is following your dreams, your goals and your own path.

If I had a penny for every time I heard someone tell me Psychology is a useless degree, I wouldn't need to work anymore.  I can provide you with many links showing it is not. In fact, Psychology is growing more and more each year, and it is much needed. But alas, who cares?! That's right, people don't usually care.

 *A quick disclaimer though; There are a lot of people who will support you along the way and people who have personally motivated me to follow my own path. This post isn't to put you down, rather lift you up, perhaps, if you need it. *

Psychology specifically is a career that actually can provide a good salary (at least here in Ireland). But, like everything in life, it doesn't come easy. You need to have a masters, PhD and experience to actually see a good salary in Psychology.  It is possible, it is there, it just isn't easy.

But, lets not get focused on Psychology though, this really is about anything you want to do. For example: You may want to do a History degree, or a Latin Language degree and so on. There will be people who will tell you, you shouldn't do it and it is a waste of time. Because those kind of people are everywhere. They are the type of people that usually don't really know what they are talking about, or really has nothing better to say. I have questioned each person that told me "Psychology is useless" and none of them actually knew anything in depth about the profession. Most people weren't even aware that Psychology/Psychologists aren't just "therapy".

Okay, you have talked enough B. What's the point of this post anyway? Well, here is the thing. I have a friend who is studying an Engineer degree, and another who was in her last year of Pharmacy degree and I also know someone who studies Biology. And of course, the most praised areas: Law and Medicine.  You would think: They don't hear this right? They must only get the praise. Well... You are wrong; or at least I was, when I used to think like this. That's right, every single one of those people have heard that their degree was useless and/or a waste of time and money.

Although I have focused on University/College/Higher Education degrees on this post; don't get me wrong. I write this in every area possible, this is about all the goals and dreams you wish to achieve. Please don't get discouraged. Not by money, time, effort, and most importantly, don't get discouraged by people. People who are telling you those kind of things are probably people who are ignorant on the matter or doesn't have your best interest at heart. Either way, there is always a way to make things work. Finance and stability can actually be achieved if you follow your dreams. It might not always be so straight forward, but there is always a way to make things work for yourself. If there are future doctors, lawyers and engineers hearing that what they are doing is useless, and they haven't given up, why would you?

Also, if you are an older person reading this; I might not be as wise or as experienced as you. But, this isn't coming from someone who hasn't lived an adult life. I have lived by myself for four years independently since I was 16. Trust me, I know there are bills to pay, but more importantly, there are dreams to be filled.

Those people who might have discouraged you: They don't really matter, and they don't really care. So you might as well do what you love.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Five Books to Read this October

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know three things about me:

1. I like books, a lot.
2. I drink way too much coffee.
3. Autumn/Halloween season is one of my favourite times of the year.

So, here I am, on my very first official post combining the two; Books & Spookyness together. You can add your favourite coffee in the mix to make it perfect!  Here are the five books I would recommend you to read this October, some in this list are my all time favourite books.  Reading them in October will give you the extra spooky feeling I wish I had when I read them! I hope you pick any of these books, and if you have read them or plan on reading them let me know? I love talking about books so feel free to comment or message me if you want to!

Through the Woods by Emily Caroll is an amazing graphic novel! It has a stunning artwork throughout the whole graphic novel. The art in this graphic novel is dark and lovely, that is the best way I can put it. There are five creepy stories in this graphic novel and if you are looking for a quick creepy reading, this is definitely what you should pick up!

2. Messenger of Fear (Duology)
The amount of love I have for Michael Grant and his books doesn't fit in writing. Let's just say that Mr. Grant knows how to write in a way that anyone can understand. I feel like his books just easily grasp anybody who wishes to start reading, and comprehend it just as well.  I brought to the Messenger of Fear because I thought the cover was pretty. Really, just like that. When I finally read it, I couldn't be happier. This book deals with an interesting view of the world. This book talks about real life issues while still having a very interesting mix of fiction in it. This book talks about how it is easy for a good person to do bad things, and the consequences they must suffer/deal with. It is truly amazing! And if you liked the first book there is a continuation, The Tattooed Heart which is equally amazing!

3. The Canterville Ghost
If there ever was one of the sassiest gentlemen in history, that must have been Oscar Wilde. I absolutely love his work and his life story is just heartbreaking.  The Canterville Ghost is actually hilarious in my opinion. I wouldn't say it is scary, spooky or creepy. It is just plain funny. But, it does have somewhat of a Halloween vibe to it, as the name suggests the book's main topic is a ghost after all! This is a very short story, a quick read to make you laugh and get you into the Halloween vibe, if you are not too much into scary books!

Coraline by Neil Gaimen is one of my all time favourite books! It is so lovely it is hard to describe why I fell in love with this story. But here is a sum up: Black cat, evil witch, pink house, secret doors, key! (The key is so important!), the creepy vibe in general. This is a children's book, but if you get easily scared like me, it might scare you a little. Coraline is basically a girl who is very bored with her life, her parents ignore her, her new neighbours are weird and it seems like nobody would care if she just disappeared.  And then, she finds this little door, and when she goes through it, she ends up in her living room, expect; Everything is better. She has better parents and better neighbours and everything seems to be going well... How long do you think that lasts? / On a side note: If you are interested in this story, definitely give the movie Coraline (2009) a try! It has a really lovely production and also a very cool soundtrack! 

5. Poems Bewitched and Haunted
This is a very cute little book for all your poem lovers out there. It has collections of all kinds of Halloween related poems. I actually was so happy reading this little book, because I found in it a poem that I have been looking for a very long time and never knew the name (belle dame sans merci).  There is not much to say about this book, it is what it says; A collection of haunted and bewitched poems and they are lovely!

(All pictures are mine!)

I hope you liked this post and it could be useful for you in any way! If you have any thoughts on the things I talked about, feel free to comment, I would love to hear your opinions.

Monday, 11 September 2017


Introductions are always difficult for me. It should be easy, right? We introduce ourselves quite frequently on a daily basis. Even when introductions aren't always; "Hi, my name is...", we still introduce ourselves to the world. We introduce ourselves every time we decide to walk out of the door.

So, why are introductions so difficult for me? My best guess would be; I don't usually fit into a box. A category, a stereotype. It is hard for me to say "Hello, I like classic music, but I will dance and sing to the latest Anitta song." or "Hello, I find people interesting, but I spend most of my time alone." Usually that makes little sense to people. But, you see... You don't fit into a box either. Nobody does. Even the box doesn't fit inside "itself".

However,  here is something I will tell you about myself: I enjoy learning.  And, I am only able to learn because there are others who are willing to share, willing to give and willing to teach. Maybe I can do that for someone too, with this blog.