Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Meeting my best friend

It has now been officially two weeks since I have returned home.  And it is just now that I feel like I am finally back, and able to write this post.  On the 8th February, I travelled the very first time, in the aeroplane by myself.  It wasn't one of those travels, where you are completely alone and hoping for the best,  I am not there yet.

One of the most precious things about this travel was that I got to meet my best friend. Yes, that's right. After two years of long conversations, Tumblr posts, Instagram memes, crying and laughter... I met one of my closest friend in real life.  Meeting Estelle was like a dream come true and the best part of everything was that everything wasn't exactly as I imagined, but it was better.

There is a saying everyone knows, but nobody knows where it comes from. It talks about how different it is what we want compared to what we need.  And yet meeting Lieverd was just what I wanted and needed all at once! Estelle is one of the most understanding people I have ever met, she isn't the type to pretend she understands, she actually really does get it. She gets when I am not always replying, she gets when I just need to send massive audios, she gets when I need some time off, she gets when I am super hyper and mostly she gets who I am. As a person, as a whole. And as time passes and I change, as I evolve and grow, she gets how to love that new me, no matter what.

E has welcomed me into her home just like family. We ate delicious food and watched RuPaul Dragsrace almost every day... Okay, who am I kidding?? We watched it every day. We went shopping and I bought the whole Action store,( I am sure the lady at the register was concerned by the number of stickers I got.) we went to Hema and I also made her go to Starbucks for the first time! To be fair, she only had water-leaf drinks, but I loved it anyway.

We travelled to Efteling, the Nature Museum in Tilburg and we went a little crazy shopping in Eindhoven!  (Which I will be writing more about in detail later on.) My one week travel to the Netherlands was magical, and it was special.  It was not just a travel, it was a dream come true. I have always read those stories, of people who meet online and end up meeting in real life. How it is all perfect and it works out great.

But, oh my god! I have never thought it would be this amazing, this precious to meet you, Estelle. Thank you for being such a huge part of my life, and for being one of the kindest humans I know. You deserve so much love and so much happiness. I am glad that I am a part of your journey! I know we will be seeing each other again soon.  And special thanks to baby Ferda and Tim for being awesome and welcome me with open arms too. You guys are great. Until next time friends.

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