Thursday, 21 December 2017

Paris ✈ Day 2 (pt 1. Peony Tattoo ❀)

Today was more than special. It wasn't just a "let's see the Eiffel Tower" moment that nearly got me crying. It was the "I am meeting Anna Bravo today" or perhaps the "I am getting a tattoo that I have been wanting for two years today" which one is more terrifyingly pleasing? I wouldn't be able to say.

It was extremely cold today, or especially for us used to just the rainy weather. I had forgotten how London and Paris weathers are similar! In Ireland is cold, but it is just generally different kind of cold. Paris is just cold, cold. Ya know? Despite the cold, the day was beautiful. There was a sunny sky, perfect for photos, and the absence of rain motivated us to take the metro!

I was once told: "Once you know your way around London's underground, you can go anywhere in the world without trouble." and honestly I didn't believe this. (I am not sure if I even believe it now) However, if this is in fact true, my nearly seven years of London's underground suffering has been payed off! We managed to get to Anna's studio without any problems at all. We had to take two different underground lines, and walk for a bit, and we didn't get lost! I think me and Mothership deserves a golden star.

Anna was absolutely adorable! I feel sad now that I didn't ask her to take any photos with me for memory keeping. However, if I am being completely honest, not having a photo with her is also an important memory. This is because, my experience was so natural and sweet, I was so relaxed that I completely forgot to ask for a photo! Which for someone like me with anxiety and the normal nervousness of getting a new tattoo, being totally relaxed was incredibly nice.

We talked for a while about the tattoo design; what I wanted to change, what I wanted to stay the same, the size and everything else. Anna's studio is really adorable, very clean and private. She made me feel very comfortable to ask her any questions, to change anything with the design and in general she is not only an amazing artist, but also a very sweet person.

Anna pays attention to the slightest detail, she was very patient with me changing the tattoo and asking for new things to add and things to take off etc. When the tattoo itself was being done, it was all very tranquil,we talked for a bit about Paris, tattoos and my overall experience were very lovely!

I told my mother who accompanied me with the tattoo, that after getting a tattoo with Anna, I felt like it was my first "Real Tattoo" with the artwork, patience, considering thoughts and general love that went in with this design.  It was an amazing experience to be able to go to Paris, but also to be able to meet Anna and have her amazing artwork in  my  body/canvas. 

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