Saturday, 16 December 2017

Paris ✈ Day 1

When people say Paris is magical, believe them.

I have been to this city once before, but that was a different life of mine. A lifetime ago.  Today, when I left the surprising sunny Ireland, I knew it would be completely different. I have never considered I actually went to Paris before, because last time doesn't count.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that my birthday was a few weeks ago. Two weeks to be precise. And me, having the most wonderful person in the world for a mother, she decided we should celebrate being 21 in Paris! But, she knows that to me, it is not only my age, but it's this whole new life that I am already living. It is the new beginning for both of us, the new era that has slowly crept into our lives and isn't going anywhere. It is finally the good times. But enough about that.

Paris! The city of lights has never been so pretty. So much has happened to this city this year and yet it still shines brighter than any other place I have been.

When we got here it was raining, and the weather was cold. We took a taxi straight away, which we later on learned would have been smarter to take a bus. The taxi ride was well worth it though; Our taxi driver was so nice and friendly. He talked to us all the way until we got in our apartment, he is the person who gave us the bus tip, along with how to ride the metro properly, where we should go and bonus points: He was French and spoke Brazilian Portuguese like a badass!

Once we got into our apartment it felt like a dream. This all feels like a dream. The location is perfect, just a few minutes walking from the Eiffel Tower and The Arc de Triomphe. And the whole building itself is so pretty, elegant and cozy.

Me and Mothership decided to go buy food because we were about to die of starvation. (Ok, maybe not so dramatic)  While looking for the nearest Carrefour, we found adorable little shops along the way.  One of which I managed to speak in French for the first time in a long time, and voila! The lady actually understood me.  Apart from my excellent French skills *coff coff*, it was very dark, cold and we were quite tired today.  So we didn't take many pictures today either.  But, walking around the Rues near my apartment, I could already see some of the photos I might be taking tomorrow!

In case you aren't already sleeping, reading this; Here is a summarized list of the cool things that already happened in Paris in my little time here:

  • I asked in French (beware I don't speak French!) for a specific book in a bookshop and the lady understood me perfectly well!
  • We ate the real Macarons like Blair Waldorf
  • We can see the Eiffel Tower as soon as we leave our apartment 
  • Le Petite Prince is everywhere here!
  • The apartment that we are staying has really cool paintings all over the walls
  • I didn't feel anxious at all during the actual trip!  
  • Started my first travel journal alongside with...
This is my first actual holidays since I was a child. I really needed the break and I am so thankful for my time here.  There is this new chapter in my life that has been happening, and coming to Paris is just the beginning of it all.  Hard work, pays off. 

"Follow your dreams, they know the way."


  1. I'm so happy that you had an amazing time in France :D

  2. Actually love your blog, and this post is making me wishhh I travelled more!