Monday, 11 September 2017


Introductions are always difficult for me. It should be easy, right? We introduce ourselves quite frequently on a daily basis. Even when introductions aren't always; "Hi, my name is...", we still introduce ourselves to the world. We introduce ourselves every time we decide to walk out of the door.

So, why are introductions so difficult for me? My best guess would be; I don't usually fit into a box. A category, a stereotype. It is hard for me to say "Hello, I like classic music, but I will dance and sing to the latest Anitta song." or "Hello, I find people interesting, but I spend most of my time alone." Usually that makes little sense to people. But, you see... You don't fit into a box either. Nobody does. Even the box doesn't fit inside "itself".

However,  here is something I will tell you about myself: I enjoy learning.  And, I am only able to learn because there are others who are willing to share, willing to give and willing to teach. Maybe I can do that for someone too, with this blog.


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